Your FAQ Answered!


(Q:) How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book My Session With You?

(A:) I suggest booking your session at least one month before you’d like to receive your finished products. This allows you time to go shopping for any new clothes or accessories you might want, make any hair or nail appointments, and allows enough time after your session to order and prepare your chosen collection option. However, it is never too early to book your session, and getting first dibs on dates has its advantages! so if you know you want to book a session, shoot me a quick email and we will talk dates and get you on the calendar.

(Q:) What Is Included In Your Packages And How Much Should I Expect To Spend?

(A:) The booking fee is $150. Each session includes styling, a Pre-Session Consultation, an Ordering Session, plus of course your actual photo shoot! Utilising our professional hair and make up artist is strongly encouraged and is a separate fee. I offer Collection Options which are set packages and include archival rag paper prints, presented in a beautiful collection box. Our clients typically invest between $500-2500 for their entire experience.  I use the term invest because you are not just getting a photo shoot.  You are getting my one-on-one attention and experience, a HUGE confidence boost and archival grade quality products to keep for generations. I most certainly offer payment plans, because my main goal, 100%, is for you to get everything you want from your session.  I will work with you to make that happen! Personal Branding sessions are a little different and do not include prints and products but do include all images selected within your chosen collection in both high resolution and web sized resolution on a custom USB. Say hello for a detailed pricing guide!

(Q:) What Should I Expect From The ShaBo Experience?

(A:)  I pride myself in providing each client with a customised, one-on-one high end experience; think luxury and sophistication!  We always start with a Pre-Session Consultation either in person or over the phone where you get to ask as many questions as you can think of, see the quality of products and I get to learn all about you so that I can give you the best experience during your session.  The Pre-Session Consultation is very important because that is where you can see our products for yourself, and we can start to plan the session together.  You will be guided with preparations and planning in the lead up to your session. Once you arrive at the Studio on shoot day you will be greeted with your choice of coffee, tea or water and of course our signature yummy treats! Then you can relax while you get your hair and makeup done by my professional makeup artist, and show off what makes you amazing during your session.  Within two weeks from your shoot date, you will be invited back to the Studio for your in person Ordering and Reveal Session.  You will be presented with a minimum of twenty prints, beautifully displayed on the reveal wall to make your selection process straightforward! It doesn’t make sense to leave you on your own, so I don’t! Everything is catered to you and I am right there to answer questions, calm nerves (don’t be nervous, you are awesome!), and walk you through the process from start to finish.

(Q:) Where Do You Shoot Sessions?  Are Locations Included In The Sessions?

(A:) My commercial studio space is conveniently located in Midland (Perth WA) and yes, I offer on location shoots as well. Some clients opt for a mixed session, which means that we start off in the Studio and end up outdoors to ensure that we capture everything that is wanted;

(Q:) What Do You Do Differently From Other Photographers In The Area?

(A:) I’m not here to get your business by talking anyone down. No way, no how, not my style. I often collaborate with fellow photographers and have a fantastic network of photographers that I can refer to if a client is wanting something that I do not offer. I strive to do my own thing, to add my own flair to my style of portrait photography.

So, here is what I am good at and what I am most known for;  Creating a relationship with my client. Doing everything I can to make them comfortable during the shoot. Customising every single shoot to fit the style and personality of each client. Classy, beautiful hair and makeup by a licensed professional artist. Having a selection of jewellery, hats, and other accessories to help you style your outfits. Getting you to genuinely laugh. Helping you look more gorgeous than you ever thought possible. Guiding you through every pose to most flatter you. Guiding you through the ordering process so that you are completely confident in your order. I take stylish, classically beautiful portraits. That is what I do, and I love every second of it. I invite you to be my next client, and experience it all for yourself.


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